5 Takeaways from Money 2020 We Think Everyone Should Know

No doubt, the financial landscape is evolving faster than ever, and we’ve got the juiciest takeaways and trends just for you.

The team has just returned from Money20/20, and we're absolutely buzzing with excitement from the event. 

No doubt, the financial landscape is evolving faster than ever, and we’ve got the juiciest takeaways and trends just for you... Now let’s get right to it. 


1. Building Partnerships: Banks and Tech Experts Join Forces

In all this excitement, something big is happening. Banks are no longer just watching from the sidelines; they are active players, teaming up with tech experts.  

The partnership between traditional banks and technology firms is creating new and innovative financial services. Banking is no longer just about serious business; it's a lively community of collaborations and teamwork. 

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2.Focus on Secure Verification and Credit Innovations 

In this evolving landscape, two important things have taken the spotlight: secure customer verification processes (known as KYC/authentication) and innovative credit solutions.  

Companies ensuring safe customer data are thriving, showing how important it is to keep our information secure. At the same time, new and exciting ways to handle credit are gaining attention, showing a change in how people handle their money. 



3.The Return of Hard Work: Post-Pandemic Momentum 

What’s driving all these changes? Some say it’s because the pandemic is ending, while others think it’s because the economy is shifting. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: everyone is working really hard!  

Companies aren’t just relying on money from investors; they are working late into the night, trying to find the perfect fit for their products. People at conferences are fully engaged, making real connections and showing how strong and resilient the industry is. And Outpave is right there in it! 



4.Personal Connections Amidst the Busy Atmosphere 

These events weren’t just about work but also about making personal connections. People wanted moments of closeness amongst all the excitement, leading to more exclusive parties and events. And the freebies? They were better than ever! Companies put a lot of effort into making memorable experiences. From personalized shoes to futuristic cocktails, every little detail was aimed at making a lasting impression, showing how important personal connections are in this industry.

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5.The Physical Challenge of Learning and Networking 

Going from one end of the conference speaker to another was no easy feat. People walked thousands of steps, all in the name of learning and connecting. It might have been tiring, but it was worth it. Our team walked over 15,000 steps each day! 

All the knowledge gained and the connections made made every step worth it. It showed how much the industry is willing to grow and learn together. 


The Wrap 

the ever-changing world of fintech, being adaptable is key. Money20/20 didn’t just show how strong the industry is; it also showed how willing it is to change and evolve.  

At, we are excited to be a part of many of these changes and innovations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates because at, the journey to simplifying expense management for construction and residential services businesses is ON!! 

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